Books by Friends

The Green Room plays host to much,
and here we introduce to you
books written by friends.
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Including Me by Josette Simpson

Including Me

by Josette Whiteley

Josette was just a teenager when she, and her then husband Terry, welcomed their daughter Tina into the world in 1958. Tina had Down's Syndrome, which made no difference because she was already wrapped around Josette's heart, where she remains.

This book is a celebration of Tina's life, and the family who shared her, documenting her upbringing and achievements over 50 years in an ever-changing social and cultural environment, from Max Bygraves to Joni Mitchell!

Josette has a unique voice with the familiarity of shared experiences over a cup of tea, yet this is an extraordinary story of pain, resilience, determination and joy. She writes honestly about the tribulations and triumphs with tenderness and humour, in the hope it will inform and support anyone raising a child with Down's Syndrome, and which leaves us full of admiration for Josette's compassion and strength.

My Life On The Albatros by Ton Brouwer

My Life On The Albatros

by Captain Ton Brouwer

Ton Brouwer was born in 1948 in the West of Holland, where he grew up in a typical Dutch polder surrounded by water near the town of Oudewater. He bought The Albatros in 1980 and sold her in 2020 after spending 40 years of his working life on board the ship. In this autobiography, Captain Ton presents the reader with stories, anecdotes and events happening during those 40 years. In his introduction he gives some vital information about his life before The Albatros.

The Albatros was built in 1899 and needed a total restoration in 1980, which Captain Ton carried out under the supervision of Germanischer Lloyd. It took a number of years, but when this was done he used The Albatros in different ways:

1. As a cargo carrying sailing vessel on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to start with.

 2. When this finished The Albatros was chartered by Greenpeace and used for environmental education for 8 to 13 year old school children around Holland. This project was called "Sail Along with Greenpeace" and stopped after 3 years.

3. Then Captain Ton run The Albatros as a charter ship with paying guests on day trips and longer voyages out at sea from the port of Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk.

4. Last, but not least, he finally used her successfully as a floating bar, restaurant (Dutch pancakes!), bed & breakfast, and live music venue alongside The Quay in Wells-next-the-Sea.

All in all this book is a fascinating report about Captain Ton Brouwer's life of 40 years on The Albatros! 

The Hidden Destiny by Paul Jackson

The Hidden Destiny

by Paul Jackson

An Immortal, the Lord of the Shadows has gained unstoppable powers. His armies are spreading throughout the Realms, destroying the world of Elsewhere and every living thing in it. It seems nothing can stand in his way.

However, an Elvish Queen gives her life in exchange for a magical legacy for her newborn son: a Hidden Destiny.

1. As a cargo carrying sailing vessel on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to start with.

Meanwhile with the world falling into chaos and the child not yet ready to step on to his destined path, an Uprising begins by those not accustomed to war, even nature itself must choose whether to fight... or die.